Control pack changelog

50.09 20240506

Hreflang: Don't bother storing the transient at all if the timeout is 1 second or less.
Update Attachments: Fix TypeError when updating attachments.

50.08 20240302

Protect Child Properties: Fix fatal error when subbroadcasting with the add-on enabled.

50.07 20240209

Hreflang: Set default cache timeout to 1 second (no cache). Allow overriding using BROADCAST_HREFLANG_LINKS_CACHE.
Local Links: Do not replace links that do not have broadcasted children. Fixes bug where non-linked links made links relative.
Protect Child Properties: Add code to allow for custom protections in the meta box.
Update Attachments: Also update all other files but with different extensions. This catches webp files.

50.06 20231119

Permalinks: Fix "Call to a member function markup() on null".
Shortcode Attachments: Allow the content of the shortcodes (between the opening and closing tags) to be parsed, allowing for image URLs to be replaced.

50.05 20231007

Hreflang: Added BROADCAST_HREFLANG_LINKS_CACHE constant to enable caching.
Hreflang: Replace PHP 8.2 deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING with htmlspecialchars().

50.04 20230818

Local Links: Allow finding of parent links on child posts.

50.03 20230722

Hreflang: Add broadcast_hreflang_add_links_get_posts_options filter to allow people to modify the get_posts options.

50.01 20230610

New add-on: Same post ID: Create a new post on several blogs with the same post ID.

50 20230407

New add-on: Skip If Unlinked: Do not broadcast to blogs that have an existing, unlinked post.

49.06 20230303

Parent Pull: Fix parent post becoming unpullable after the first pull.

49.04 20230127

Custom Field Attachments: Handle broadcasting of attachments via URL.

49.03 20230109

Custom Field Attachments: Fix replacing of attachment IDs.

49.01 20221225

Bump of major version to match premium pack.

48.14 20221008

All Blogs: Add a check to the maintenance tab, allowing users to clear the blog cache manually.
Shortcode Attachments: Allow attribute IDs to be URLs, not just numbers. The URL must be an image that also exist on the child blog.

48.11 20220819

New add-on: Rebroadcast Parent Here: Rebroadcast the parent to this linked child.
New add-on: Relink To Parent: Relink an unlinked child to the parent.
Comments: Also sync comments when a comment is trashed / restored / deleted.
Protect Child Properties: Add support for using a custom field to detect child modifications when revisions are disabled.
Protect Child Properties: Add BROADCAST_PROTECT_CHILD_PROPERTIES_NO_REVISIONS define to force the add-on to use a custom field to store modified info.

48.07 20220226

Local Links: Fix finding links Gutenberg blocks - don't look again if the link is already found.
Unlink On Edit Checkbox: Fix the checkbox not being obeyed.

48.01 20211105

Gutenberg Attachments: Better support for image IDs that are part of arrays.
Protect Child Properties: Fix incorrectly protecting custom fields with taxonomies.

47.13 20211007

Gutenberg Attachments: Add wizard for ACF Gallery Masonry block.
Per Blog Author: Fix blog name html.
Protect Child Properties: Allow taxonomies to be protected.

47.11 20210815

New add-on: Scheduler: Automatically change the publish date of child posts during broadcasting.

47.08 20210613

New add-on: More Children: Allows children to create more children of the parent.
Local Files: Use the link data of the parent, if possible. Allows for linking to posts that are broadcasted from other blogs.
Local Links: Try to find the page twice. This is a workaround for an unexplained bug with WPML that never finds the first link on a page.
Parent Pull: Fix warning about custom fields.
Protect Child Properties: Don't protect the featured image if the custom fields are protected.

47.07 20210513

New add-on: Term Meta Attachments: Allow taxonomy term meta containing attachment IDs to be broadcasted correctly.

47.06 20210412

Comments: Comment meta is updated during syncing.

47.03 20210308

Comments: Comments are now merged instead of overwritten.
Protect Child Properties: Fix restoring of serialized custom fields.

47.02 20210216

Back To Parent: Do not do anything if the Update Family checkbox is selected.
Update Attachments: Check that the files exist at the source before updating. Fixes conflicts with CDN plugins that remove the files from disk.
Update Family: Make the sibling broadcast low priority so that they can be queued.

47.01 20210210

Shortcode Items: Fix the parse_find and replace_id action names.

46.16 20201116

New add-on: Per Blog Author allows for individual control of the author for each child post.

46.11 20200715

Version bump, because Wordpress doesn't understand that .10 is bigger than .1

46.10 20200714

New add-on: Parent Pull allows content to be pulled from (parent) blogs.

46.09 20200708

New add-on. Unlink On Edit Checkbox: Unlinks child posts when they are modified.

46.07 20200512

Protect Child Properties: Better compatibility with User & Blog Settings add-on regarding "Only if modified" checkbox.

46.06 20200429

Shortcode Attachments: Fixed images not being found.
Shortcode Terms: Better syncing on taxonomies not related to the post using the shortcode.

46.04 20200323

New add-on: Gutenberg Protect: Protects specific Gutenberg blocks from being overwritten during broadcasting.
Gutenberg Posts: Ignore empty post IDs.
Shortcode Posts: Ignore empty post IDs.

46.03 20200224

Gutenberg add-ons: Fix IDs only being replaced on the first blog.
User & Blog Settings: Fix terms criterion not being applied when editing posts.

46.02 20200212

Comments: Add queue functionality for comments. Useful for those with 500+ comments per post.
Comments: Fix ordering of comments, syncing those comments without replies first.
Custom Field add-ons: Fixed better matching of wildcards for arrays. Prevents various PHP warnings from preg_split.
Gutenberg add-ons: Allow GB Attachments and GB Posts to modify the same block at the same time, if it contains both attachments and posts.

46.01 20200116

Comments: Sync comments after the new comment is fully inserted. Fixes bug of WooCommerce review ratings not being synced.

45.06 20191116

New add-on: Update Family: Update the parent post and siblings when editing a child post.

45.05 20191022

Custom Field Posts: Save values in arrays properly.
Hreflang: Fix archives without taxonomies.
Hreflang: Fix draft pages showing.

45.02 201909225

Hreflang: Fix number being shown for x-default blog.

45.01 20190828

New add-on: Gutenberg Attachments: Modify attachment IDs found in Gutenberg blocks to match their equivalent attachments on each blog.
New add-on: Gutenberg Menus: Modify menu IDs found in Gutenberg blocks to match their equivalent attachments on each blog.
New add-on: Gutenberg Posts: Modify post IDs found in Gutenberg blocks to match their equivalent attachments on each blog.
New add-on: Gutenberg Terms: Modify taxonomy term IDs found in Gutenberg blocks to match their equivalent attachments on each blog.
Custom Field Posts: Fix fatal error when trying to look for a link where there isn't one.
Redirect All Children: Use code 301 on redirects.
Redirect Parent: Use code 301 on redirects.

44.05 20190715

Hreflang: Remove page argument when adding links to taxonomy archives.

44.04 20190621

New add-on. Custom Field Terms: Allow post custom field containing taxonomy term IDs to be broadcasted correctly.
Protect Child Properties: Post excerpt can also be protected.

44.03 20190515

Hreflang: Try to fetch linked posts when making the hreflang tags for a single post.

44.01 20190415

Search And Replace: Add new __BLOG_PATH__ and __BLOG_PATH_WITHOUT_RSLASH__ keywords.

43.17 20190402

Update Attachments: Do not overwrite the file path for those files that have been uploaded at different times. Fixes problem of thumbnails for differently-aged images not working.

43.16 20190222

Custom Field Posts: Fix to allow multiple IDs in field.
New add-on. Link Before Broadcast: Attempts to find unlinked children on each child blog during broadcast.

43.14 20190102

All Blogs: Fix rare fatal error on _some_ installs that result from the capabilities.php not having been loaded.
No New Terms: Fix terms being created with newer versions of Broadcast.
Per Blog Taxonomies: Fix to allow for hiding of term fieldsets using UBS.
Shortcode Attachments: Add filter to allow for special processing of attributes. See this snippet for handling image IDs embedded in a json-encoded attribute.
Smart Slider 3: Update the slider properties when broadcasting.

43.12 20181127

Shortcode Posts: Added Avada Global Containers wizard.
User & Blog Settings: Fix visual modifications being applied when they shouldn't.

43.11 20181018

Fixes the plugin upgrade notice not disappearing due to "43.10" being treated as "43.1".

43.10 20181018

User & Blog Settings Post: Fix _and_ criteria not being correctly applied.

43.9 20180922

New add-on. Custom Field Posts: Allow post custom field containing post IDs to be broadcasted correctly.
New add-on. Unlink On Edit: Unlinks child posts when they are modified.
Search And Replace: Add new __BLOG_URL_ESCAPED__ keyword.
Shortcode Posts: Added uncode blocks to the wizard.

43.8 20180821

Delete Before Broadcast: Fix error on unlinking.

43.7 20180724

User & Blog Settings Post: Fix to show the dropdown again.

43.6 20180625

User & Blog Settings: Post type criteria will work more often now, generally whenever the Broadcast meta box is being prepared.

43.4 20180506

Hreflang: Fix to allow for several blogs sharing the same language (but not shown simultaneously). If you have custom code built on hreflang, check that it still works.
User & Blog Settings: Updated support for posts submitted using WP User Frontend. Now uses the new API actions.

43.2 20180403

All Blogs: Fix SQL error when looking for blog 1's blogname.
New add-on. Shortcode Posts: Modifies post IDs found in shortcodes to match their equivalent posts on each blog.

43 20180226

All Blogs: To save a lot of memory, query the blog name using SQL instead of asking Wordpress for it.
Protect Child Properties: Protect featured image also.

42 20171130

Comments: Fixed a PHP warning due to spelling mistake.
Update Attachments: Save serialized postmeta data as serialized postmeta data.
Update Attachments: Try to create upload directories if they don't already exist. Workaround for broken installs where old upload directories have disappeared.

41 20171030

Search And Replace: Fix bug where terms were not editable due to some conflict with other plugins. Now the edit link refers to term_id= instead of id=.
Search And Replace: Strip the slashes in the text inputs.
Update Attachments: Force overwriting of the attachment postmeta on the child blog.

40.1 20171004

New add-on. Redirect Parent redirects all views of a parent post to the first child post.

40 20170922

Back To Parent: Extra check that we are back-to-parenting the correct post. Fixes a bug when complicated broadcasts (for example WooCommerce bookings, that simultaneously broadcast products and orders, are all back-to-parented unnecessarily).
Delete Before Broadcast: Don't show options on child posts.
User & Blog Settings Post: Added custom field matching criterion.

39.1 20170903

New add-on. Attachment Control allows better control of how attachments are handled during broadcasting.
Custom Field Attachments: Also process values found in custom field subarrays.
User & Blog Settings Post: Fix bug that only broadcasted every other post in a selection.

39 20170802

Hreflang: Fix for paging in URLs. Will now append paged parameter depending on the current page of archives or the single post.
Search And Replace: New-addon. Find and replace texts in posts during broadcast.

38.4 20170605

Protect Child Properties: Fix fatal error when the link checkbox is not checked.

38.2 20170428

User & Blog Settings: Better criterion editing UI.

38 20170406

Finally dropped the "ThreeWP" prefix from the plugin name! The code remains the same, just the name has become simpler: Broadcast...

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

37.2 20170326

Protect Child Properties: Deeper revision checking to better detect whether the child post was modified.
Protect Child Properties: Allow custom fields to be protected.
Shortcode Attachments: Fix fatal error upon viewing available shortcodes. Related to fix below.
Shortcode Attachments: Use new data format. Deactivate and reactivate the add-on to convert the old Attachment Shortcodes data to the new format.

37 20170316

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

36.2 20170307

All Images: New addon. Detects all referenced local images in post text fields and adds them to the broadcast.

36 20170303

Protect Child Properties: Added function to only protect child properties if the post was modified. Allows some child posts to be updated with own content, while other child posts are overwritten with new content. Requires post revision support.

Obsolete add-ons: The next version of the pack will disable the following add-ons, so please enable their replacements:

Attachment Shortcodes has been replaced by Shortcode Attachments.

35.8 20170130

User & Blog Settings: Fix forcing on of checkboxes when not directly broadcasting (like in queues, for example).

35.4 20170109

Comments: Comment meta is now also synced. This enables, among other things, WooCommerce product reviews to be synced between blogs.
Hreflang: Fix overwriting of the global $post variable. This caused a fatal error when using it with the Google Tag Manager plugin.

35.2 20161223

Shortcode Attachments: Added Elegant Themes Page Builder gallery shortcode in the wizard.
Shortcode Terms: New add-on. Automatically translates taxonomy term IDs found in shortcodes when broadcasting.
User & Blog Settings: Fix forcing off of hidden checkboxes. This happens when javascript modifies the checked status of the checkboxes.

35 20161206

All Blogs: Clear cache when creating blogs programatically.
All Blogs: Clear cache when creating deleting blogs.
User & Blog Settings: Added support for forced broadcasting when using WP User Frontend Pro forms.

34.3 20161027

Local Links: Allow links with parameters to be modified, keeping the parameters. will become can become

34.2 20161006

Custom Field Attachments: Fixed warning when no meta is available (usually from using the Sync Taxonomies add-on).
Local Files: New add-on: automatically copies local files to each blog and updates the links in the content.

34 20160925

All Blogs: Add backwards compatibility for Wordpress < 4.6

33.1 20160913

All Blogs: Fix blog limit. Due to incorrect documentation, only 100 blogs are returned at a time.

33 20160817

All Blogs: Code change - use get_sites() instead of deprecated wp_get_sites().
Local Links: Extra check for valid URLs. The Wordpress function url_to_postid() seems to think that anything with a question mark is a valid URL.

32.2 20160719

Attachment Shortcodes: Obsolete. Please use the Shortcode Attachments plugin instead. It's the same thing (your shortcode settings are kept) but this add-on will be phased out in the future. The reason being that the new Shortcode Attachments and Shortcode Menus add-ons share the same base code, making development easier.

Shortcode Attachments: New add-on. Automatically translate attachment IDs found in shortcodes when broadcasting.
Shortcode Menus: New add-on. Automatically translate menu IDs found in shortcodes when broadcasting.

32 20160715

Comments: Allow settings to be modified by UBS.
Per Blog Taxonomies: Allow settings to be modified by UBS.
User & Blog Settings: Use better descriptions when editing meta boxes.

31 20160705

Delete Before Broadcast: Fixed bug which prevented more than one post from being deleted.
Local Links: Tell the DOMDocument parser to use the utf8 charset - more hardy parsing.

30 20160606

Local Links: Now uses content preparsing to translate local links in everything that is preparsed, like the text-related ACF field types.
Update Attachments: Also update the description, alt and caption of the image, not only the file.

29.1 20160418

Back To Parent: More robust handling, now including related posts (for example Download Monitor download versions).
Protect Child Properties: Permalink (post_name) can also be protected.

29 20160405

All Blogs: Make superadmin version also clear the cache upon creating new blogs.
Hreflang: Catchable fatal error fixed when not using any settings.
Protect Child Properties: Modification date can be protected also.

All packs now have RedHat / CentOS SSL workaround for updates automatically enabled.

28.4 20160317

Hreflang: Plugin added. Adds support for SEO-friendly hreflang html tags.

28.3 20160309

UBS: Escape the blog names in the meta box settings.

28.2 20160301

Comments: Fixed bug where comments are blocked on unlinked posts, but with syncing enabled.
Thumbnail Sizes: Fix error when no sizes are set.

28 20160118

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

27.2 20151215

User & Blog Settings Post: Fix fatal error.

27.1 20151209

Protect Child Properties: Allow protection for post parent.

27 20151124

Attachment Shortcodes: Allow parsing of shortcodes that incorrectly use single apostrophies instead of the official double.
Protect Child Attachments / Author / Content / Status: Obsolete plugins removed.
Update Attachments: Plugin added.
UBS: Apply post type criteria to wp-admin/edit.php address also.

26.1 20151103

Back To Parent: Fix warning about fake variable.
Protect Child Properties: Fix string warnings.

26 20151102

Initial version.