Gives more precise control of permalinks for both parents and children.

The control of permalinks uses the following priority: per post, per blog and sitewide.


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  1. I’m a bit confused about “Parent” and “Child” in this context. Is “Parent” referring to the post on the “parent” site, in which case the “Child” post permalink would link back to the parent site? Or is it referring to hierarchical posts?

    I’m specifically confused about “Use first child’s permalink”. Could you explain a bit more about the relationship here?

    Thank you!

    1. The parent is the original post that was broadcasted. The child is one of the posts, linked to the parent, that was created on another blog in the network.

      Using the first child’s permalink will override the permalink of the parent and all of the siblings, if any, with that of the first linked child.

  2. Really loving this plugin. However, I am a bit confused by the permalinks add-on.

    If I am understanding correctly, if I choose child to “Always use own permalink,” doesn’t that mean (technically) the child site could have a different permalink than that of the parent? If so, it does not seem to function that way. If I am clearly misunderstanding the use of this, can you please elaborate?

    Thanks, in advance.


    1. In theory, yes, it will allow the child post to have its own permalink – or at least one that the blog decides is a valid permalink for the post. In what way is it not functioning correctly, you say?

    2. Edward,

      I have a master site that is pushing a custom post to sub-domains (multisite ). In this example, the master site–or I should say Parent site–has a permalink of:


      That pushes fine over to the child site; however, if I change the the permalink on the child site to “/dinner” the next time I update from the parent (**as a note, I do have the child set to always use own permalink**) it adopts the parent’s permalink of “/master-dinner-menu-version-a.”

      Is there something I have to do pre linking the page–as in, should I be setting the permalink of the child before pushing from parent. Any elaboration on the steps I should take would be much appreciated.

      Thank you for your help on this, and again, loving this plugin–works great!


    3. I see the “problem”: after modifying the permalink on the child, you rebroadcast from the parent. The permalink on the child is automatically overwritten, since that is how broadcasting works: posts are updated.

      This can be prevented by contacting me via e-mail to receive a beta version of the “protect child properties” add-on that will protect the permalink of the children from being overwritten.

      After OKing the function, I’ll release the permalink protection for everyone.

    4. Edward,

      I shot you an e-mail. Thanks, again, for the support!!


  3. I’m a bit confused, too. If I broadcast a post with the default option and the permalink /CUSTOMPERMALINK and the receiving blog already has a post with /CUSTOMPERMALINK I have 2 posts with the same permalink, which will resort in an error. What’s the right setting for this usecase? Will this Plugin solve this issue?
    1. No. The CUSTOMPERMALINK is almost always generated by the post name. No two posts can have the same post name, so that’s a limitation in WP itself.

      The add-on controls which permalink is displayed when WP is to display the post’s permalink: the post’s own permalink, or it’s child’s / parent’s permalink.

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