ThreeWP Broadcast is a plugin to automatically share content by multiposting between multisite blogs. Syndicate posts to other blogs, update posts between blogs, share content templates, etc. Broadcasted posts can be linked to their parents, which updates child posts when the parent post is updated. This includes all data: title, slug, content, custom fields, attachments, etc.

For more detailed information visit the Broadcast’s page on There are plenty of Broadcast screenshots available.


See the Broadcast documentation index.


The latest version of Broadcast is located at Broadcast’s page on

If you’re using version 5.3 of PHP you’re stuck with v1.18 of Broadcast (474kb zip). Note that PHP 5.3 is no longer supported officially!


The Broadcast git repository is where you can find the latest development version. Patches are accepted if they solve problems.


Use Broadcast’s support forum on