Terms of purchase

Basic information

After purchase you will be provided with a download link.

You will receive a purchase receipt via e-mail.

You will be shown a license key, for self-updates.

The license key is valid for one year. It can be renewed. You will receive a renewal reminder one month before the license expires.


Although the software has been thoroughly tested, making backups before installing anything is always a good idea. The software is provided as-is.

Personal details

The following is required for your purchase to be valid according to my accountants:

  • Name or company name
  • Street adress
  • EU VAT number for EU businesses

If you do not supply correct details, and are unable to do so when asked via e-mail, your purchase will be marked as invalid and the money refunded, minus payment gateway fees.

Your details are used purely for accounting and license expiration e-mails.


If you encounter a problem with the software not working as advertised within 30 days of purchase, and I am unable to fix the problem, you shall be refunded, minus payment gateway fees.

If I am not allowed to attempt to the fix the problem, I will refund, at most, 50% of the purchase price, minus gateway fees.

Diagnosing and fixing the problem will probably require debug dumps and / or access to your server to see the problem first-hand.

Be prepared to provide an invoice if necessary.

Refunds apply only to initial purchases, not renewals.


One month before your purchase expires you will be sent an e-mail reminding you to renew.

The renewal is voluntary. If you let the license expire you will no longer receive support nor will the plugin self-update.

There is a 10% renewal discount if you choose to use your existing license key during checkout.


The plugin can self-update, but this requires that you input and activate your license key in the plugin's license tab.

After the license key expires, the plugin will no longer self-update, although it will continue to function.


Support is provided via e-mail. The level of support is specified per each pack.

Full support is full support: if you encounter problems or would like more details on how to use the plugin, please contact me.

Bug report support is limited to fixing bugs that prevent the software as working as advertised.