Pack installation instructions

Begin by ensuring that the basic Broadcast plugin and the pack(s) have the same major version. For example, add-on pack version 28.5 requires at least Broadcast 28.

This video shows how to install a pack and activate the license.

  • Screenshots

    The above images show:

    • Where to find the add-ons after uploading and activating the pack.
    • The add-ons admin menu showing all of the add-ons available for activation. Use the bulk action to activate the selected add-ons.
    • The license tab is where you put your license key and activate the pack for self-updates.
    • After activation you’ll see your license information.
    • The uninstall tab removes the pack data, not the data for each add-on. To uninstall an add-on, use the bulk action.

    After license expiration the add-on packs will continue to function normally except for the self-updates.

    License activation SSL errors?

    If the pack is not activating as it should due to an SSL error, try the following:

    • ensure that your webserver has the CURL PHP library installed
    • ensure that your webserver has SSL libraries installed
    • try adding this to your wp-config.php file:
      define( 'BROADCAST_PP_SSL_WORKAROUND', true );