Filing a bug report

A bug prevents the plugin from working as advertised. I love fixing bugs, but first I have to be correctly informed about them.

A good bug report

When sending me the bug report, please include the following info:

  • What is going wrong: I am getting a white screen
  • When the bug appears: After editing a post with 10 images and pressing the publish button
  • Any information about any other plugins that are active
  • A debug dump
  • The dump should preferrably only contain one child blog, not several
  • Error logs from the server
  • A step by step guide which helps me duplicate the problem myself
  • And if possible also a video showing me the steps

After sending this in, we can work together to make sure this bug gets squashed.

A bad bug report

Sending me very little information is bad.

“It’s not working!” or “Why is the post not being published?” does nothing to help, and will make me send you a link to this page.