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This add-on for Broadcast provides global and local shortcodes with user-generated content.

Global shortcodes are available throughout the network, and local shortcodes are available only on the blog they were created.

Local shortcodes can be quickly broadcasted to other blogs.



This add-on is Bulk Cloner aware and can export / import shortcodes. In order for local shortcodes to be shown in the export / import, you will have to set up the export settings on the blog which has the local shortcodes you wish to modify.

To allow other roles than just super-admin to modify the local shortcodes, use the broadcast_shortcodes_access filter.

There are some snippets showing how to replace the local shortcodes in the post during broadcasting.

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  1. Can this be used to create templates where a short code is included in it and then each site adds a different value for that short code?

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