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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for the Elementor Page Builder plugin.

The following features are supported:

  • background images
  • Caldera Forms
  • carousel
  • devices-extended
  • display conditions for templates
  • editor fields (in order to allow other add-ons to parse shortcodes and URLs)
  • gallery
  • global elements
  • image box
  • image
  • image gallery
  • ProductIntroFullDetail
  • Smart Slider 3
  • templates
  • template shortcodes
  • vt-saaspot_agency
  • vt-saaspot_resource

To broadcast a template, broadcast a page that contains a [elementor-template id=”123″] shortcode on it. Broadcast will detect the template ID and broadcast it over to the child blog.


Integrates with the PHP Code add-on to enable copying of Jet Engine custom post types and taxonomies.

Tested with

Version 1.4.10.

Where to buy

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  1. Hello,

    I have some Elementor Templates that I want to reuse on several sites included on my Multisite WP install.

    Using this add-on will it keep all my sites updated when I make changes to a template on my main site?


    1. Yepp. Broadcast the template first, and then broadcast any pages you want that contain the [elementor-template] shortcode. The equivalent template ID will be placed in the shortcode on each child blog, and then when you update the template it will be updated on each linked child.

  2. HI,

    When I broadcast a page that is built in elementor, the internal links don’t update the domain change. EG mywebsite.com/page when broadcast ISNT changing to mywebsite.com/site2/page (i have my sites setup under subdirectories)
    Is this possible to automatically update?

  3. Hello,

    I have several different sub domains on a multisite with individual domain names. Example website1.com , website2.com. And so on. I have 6 Elementor pages that are identical through out all of the individual websites. Would I be able to assign master pages that whatever I change content wise on the master it updates the pages on all of the other websites within my multisite?

    1. Absolutely. That’s how Broadcast works: broadcasting one page to other sites in the network. Then updating the parent page will cascade the changes to each linked child site.

  4. Hello, I use picture galleries with Elementor in my posts> https://docs.elementor.com/article/597-gallery-widget – I have the 3rd party broadcast plugin … everything works wonderfully. only the pictures in the gallery are not displayed. in the source code, the url is empty. as a note yet – I use filebird (https://wordpress.org/plugins/filebird/) – in normal images, it works great too – only galleries do not transfer .. can you help? thank you greeting ralf

    1. Image gallery widgets should be supported. Could you enable Broadcast debug mode, broadcast the post and then send me the debug text to read through?

  5. HI, I’m using multisite WP with elementor and create templates (library) to put in pages in all sites. name1.sites.com/page | name2.sites.com/page | etc…

    Inside this page has a some elementor library. Is it possible when I update the master library, all pages will update?

    1. Yes.

      The library itself is a custom post type (elementor_library) that the Elementor add-on can broadcast. After having broadcasted and linked the library, you can just update the parent library and the child libraries will be updated.

  6. Tks, but I do this and all are duplicate,

    all site have a “dashboard elementor library”, when I link in Broadcast, in the other site create a new “dashboard elementor library”. Duplicate the same library.

    is it possible just update the exist elementor library?

    1. If a duplicate library is being created it is because the existing library is not linked.

      To link to an existing library, select the parent library from the post overview screen, use the “find unlinked children” bulk post action and you should see a link created to the existing library on the child blog.

      After that, you should be able to update the libraries without duplicates being created.

  7. Hi, When I broadcast a post that is build in elementor, the background colors of the columns disappear. Will this add-on solve my problem?

    1. Solid background colors should not be affected. The add-on will handle background images, though.

      Could you enable Broadcast debug mode, broadcast the post and then send me the debug text to read through?

  8. Hello Edward, I created global widgets in the Elementor – with the icon list. I used an SVG as the icon. I have to call up this SVG again on the receiving side and save it again. Then it was also available globally on the reception side. Only the CSS of the sending side is not adopted. What can that be? Trick? Greetings Ralf

    1. Not being familiar with Elementor myself, I’ll have to ask that you enable broadcast debug mode, broadcast the post in question to one blog, send me the debug text to read through and then point out which SVG file you’re missing.

      It’s probably just Broadcast that doesn’t know about SVG icons or something.

    1. Not being an Elementor user myself, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Could you screenshot and show me what you mean?

  9. I am having an issue with the Elementor add-on. When I broadcast an Elementor template to a child, the Display Conditions don’t seem to be correct. In the child, they default to All.

    Display Conditions are the rules that assign templates to pages. For example, you can create a condition that applies an Elementor template to an individual page, or a post type, etc. You can even have multiply conditions. This problem makes broadcasting templates unusable if the intent is to keep them in sync. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. I have a beta version of the add-on that handles display conditions. If you e-mail me I can send it over.

  10. Hi

    When I broadcast templates, the template ID in the child site is different from the original template ID. This is meaning that if I have parts of my page template which use shortcodes to pull in section templates, these don’t work.

    Any ideas?

    1. Do you mean the [elementor-template] shortcode? The ID in that shortcode should be automatically modified to match the equivalent ID on each child. This is something the Elementor add-on does in the background, when it detects a shortcode.

  11. Thanks for you reply – yes, that’s the shortcode I mean… I don’t understand what you mean by ‘the equivalent ID on each child’?

    Here’s my specific usage issue:

    I want to have a custom field dropdown where admins on the child sites can select from 4 page templates. On the parent site, this works by the dropdown values containing the elementor template IDs. The custom field broadcasts fine, but because the elementor template IDs are different in the child post vs. the parent, the dropdown values don’t match to the elementor template.

    Does that make sense? Is there a workaround you can suggest to resolve this?


    1. How is the dropdown populated? Are the IDs hardcoded?

      Ideally, one should use a get_posts with the correct post_type and use the IDs there.

      The Elementor add-on will modify the IDs of the templates it broadcasts which, while the content and template title and everything will be identical on all blogs, the IDs won’t be. So you’ll have to account for the different IDs, which is a limitation within WordPress itself.

  12. Yes, the IDs are hardcoded – would the method that you have suggested work even if I only want to offer a small selection of templates? If so, can I set this up using ACF, or will I need to code it manually?… My php knowledge is very basic, so and instructions/advice here would be great.


    1. I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle this. It feels like ACF should be the solution here, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps we can discuss more via e-mail? Feel free to e-mail me some pics of your current setup and we can then see what can be done.

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