Local Links

Replace links to posts on the same blog, to their broadcasted equivalents on each child blog.

If a blog post A links to other posts, B & C, on the same blog, and you want the child post of A to link to child posts B & C, this plugin will automatically update the links in the broadcasted posts.



The post you have linked to should have a child post on the child blog.

Similar to the Local Files add-on, but this add-on handles only local posts, while Local Links handles files.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. I am using this plugin and add on. When using ACF links, it doesnt update the link on the sites I broadcast too. thoughts?

    1. The links should be automatically updated if using the ACF add-on and this add-on together, and if the linked items are also broadcasted.

      It’s difficult to say exactly what is going on without a broadcast debug dump of the post in question. If you can e-mail me one I can have a look to see what is happening.

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