PHP Code

This add-on for Broadcast allows you to run custom code on selected blogs. Knowledge of PHP is required.

There is a wizard that can generate some boilerplate code for you. Currently it generates the following types of code:

  • 3rd party
  • ┬áMisc
    • Run a bulk action of post types (find unlinked, delete children, etc)
  • Options
    • Show the current language setting of the blog
  • ┬áThemes
    • Show the selected theme of each blog
    • Switch the theme




For security reasons, this add-on is available only to the network admin.

There are three code boxes: the setup code is run once, the loop code that is run on each blog and the teardown code after looping is completed.

This plugin is Blog Groups aware.

You might encounter conflicts with themes and plugins from Elegant Themes (Divi and Extra, for example). If so, run the add-on from a blog that does not have that theme enabled.

If you write anything interesting, or need something written, feel free to send it in.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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