Blog Groups 2

The plugin provides a means of groups blogs together, in order to be able to quickly select and unselect blogs from the Broadcast meta box.

Local groups are local to the user editing the groups.

Global groups are editable only by the super admin but available to all users.

A User & Blog Settings criterion is provided to allow modifications to react for blogs within blog groups.

An import function allows for importing groups from the free (and obsolete) Broadcast Blog Groups plugin.



The add-on uses Javascript to select / unselect blogs.

The add-on will only select / unselect blogs that are available to the user in the meta box. If a global group has specified blogs that the user does not have access to, that specific blog has no effect in the meta box.

The add-on adds an option to the Bulk Cloner to add blogs to groups from within the cloner or a cloner spreadsheet.

If you wish to give access to the add-on to more than just network admins, use the broadcast_blog_groups_2_access filter.

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