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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for forms created by Gravity Forms:

  • After detecting the form shortcode in the content the form is automatically copied / updated on each child blog.
  • The Gravity Forms settings can be copied between blogs.

If you only have the Gravity Form ID in a custom field, then perhaps a snippet about faking a shortcode to broadcast a Gravity Form will help?


Due to the way the forms are stored in the database, the whole form, including form meta, has to be completely rebroadcasted upon update.

When copying Gravity Forms settings using the tool, add the GF_LICENSE_KEY define to your wp-config.php file for best results:

define( 'GF_LICENSE_KEY', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' );

If you wish to sync forms using their IDs instead of their names, put the following in your wp-config:


This add-on integrates with the PHP Code Broadcast add-on to allow renaming of a form on many blogs at the same time.

Here is a snippet that preserves the notification settings of child forms.

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