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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for forms created by Gravity Forms:

  • After detecting the [gravityform] shortcode in the content the form is automatically copied / updated on each child blog.
  • The Gravity Forms settings can be copied between blogs.
  • Gravity Bookings for locations, services and staff.
  • Gravity View shortcodes [gravityview] are detected and the view copied to each child blog.
  • Gravity Workflow settings are broadcasted
  • The Advanced Post Creation add-on fields are parsed (to allow for shortcodes to be detected and modified)

If you only have the Gravity Form ID in a custom field, then perhaps a snippet about faking a shortcode to broadcast a Gravity Form will help?


If you get a error message about the gf_forms table not existing, enable the Gravity Forms plugin on each blog you plan to broadcast to. Otherwise the necessary tables will be missing because Gravity Forms is not network-aware.

Due to the way the forms are stored in the database, the whole form, including form meta, has to be completely rebroadcasted upon update.

When copying Gravity Forms settings using the tool, add the GF_LICENSE_KEY define to your wp-config.php file for best results:

define( 'GF_LICENSE_KEY', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' );

If you wish to sync forms using their IDs instead of their names, put the following in your wp-config:


This add-on integrates with the PHP Code Broadcast add-on to allow renaming of a form on many blogs at the same time.

Here is a snippet that preserves the notification settings of child forms.

Here is a snippet that prevents feeds on the child form from being changed.

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  1. Hello,
    Is it possible to broadcast submissions from the child form to the original? We’d like to have form submissions all in one place.
    Thank you,
    1. There is currently no support for submission broadcasting… but that’s because nobody has asked. :) If you like I could take a look at seeing if that’s possible. Could you please send me an SQL dump of a form with some submissions to see how a real world-example of Gravity Forms is set up?

  2. Howdy!

    Does this add-on allow me to change a Form on the Hub site and then send a copy of that form to all of the Child Sites? Or does it copy form submissions? I’m a bit fuzzy on the use case.



  3. What does this mean?
    This add-on integrates with the PHP Code Broadcast add-on to allow renaming of a form on many blogs at the same time.

    So I need the 3rd party pack and utilities pack to use this? Why even list it in the 3rd party pack then?

    1. You do not need the utitilies pack to use this add-on: it works very well as it is. It works to broadcast Gravity Forms and various add-ons related to Gravity Forms.

      The PHP Code add-on will allow the mass-renaming of gravity forms across blogs if one is willing to get a little dirty modifying PHP code. The PHP Code add-on does not offer a nice user interface for renaming the forms, so one is expected to play around with the PHP code offered.

  4. Can notifications and their settings/content be broadcasted? For exmample, if I’ve updated the message that gets sent in the Admin notification, or if I add a new notification – do either of those things get broadcasted when pushing out to the network?
    1. More to this – when it says “Gravity forms settings” – which settings is that referring to? Just the plugin settings in general or the specific settings for each form? If I update a field on one of the forms, should that be broadcasted when going to Broadcast > Gravity Forms and selecting which child blogs to broadcast to?

      I ask because I have the extension installed, I’ve added the wp-config line to match by ID, but none of the changes I’m making on the parent site/blog are being copied to any of the child blogs….so just wondering how it’s supposed to work exactly. Thanks!

    2. The settings are the settings found in the _options table: Anything beginning with gf_*, gform_*, gravityformsaddon_*, rg_gforms_* and rg_form_*.

      If you update the fields of a form, you have to broadcast the form (using the gravity form shortcode) in order for the form on the child site(s) to get updated.

    3. When broadcasting the form, all of the form’s settings are copied over to each child site, and that should include any messages.

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