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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for the Elementor Page Builder plugin.

The following features are supported:

  • background images
  • Caldera Forms
  • devices-extended
  • editor fields (in order to allow other add-ons to parse shortcodes and URLs)
  • global elements
  • image box
  • image
  • image gallery
  • Smart Slider 3
  • templates
  • template shortcodes


  1. Hello,

    I have some Elementor Templates that I want to reuse on several sites included on my Multisite WP install.

    Using this add-on will it keep all my sites updated when I make changes to a template on my main site?


    1. Yepp. Broadcast the template first, and then broadcast any pages you want that contain the [elementor-template] shortcode. The equivalent template ID will be placed in the shortcode on each child blog, and then when you update the template it will be updated on each linked child.

  2. HI,

    When I broadcast a page that is built in elementor, the internal links don’t update the domain change. EG mywebsite.com/page when broadcast ISNT changing to mywebsite.com/site2/page (i have my sites setup under subdirectories)
    Is this possible to automatically update?

  3. Hello,

    I have several different sub domains on a multisite with individual domain names. Example website1.com , website2.com. And so on. I have 6 Elementor pages that are identical through out all of the individual websites. Would I be able to assign master pages that whatever I change content wise on the master it updates the pages on all of the other websites within my multisite?

    1. Absolutely. That’s how Broadcast works: broadcasting one page to other sites in the network. Then updating the parent page will cascade the changes to each linked child site.

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