Protect Child Properties

This add-on for Broadcast prevents various properties of child posts from being overwritten. Normally, existing children are completely overwritten when updating, but this add-on can restore some of the child post values to their status before the update.

Properties that can be protected

  • Attachments – This prevents the attachments on the child post from being automatically deleted upon post update. This might be useful to prevent several posts, that share the same [featured] images, from deleting and duplicating images amongst themselves.
  • Author
  • Content
  • Custom fields
  • Excerpt
  • Featured image
  • Menu Order
  • Modification date
  • Parent post
  • Password
  • Permalink / post name
  • Post title – The human-readable title of the post. Note that this does not refer to the post slug.
  • Publish date
  • Status – Published, draft, private, etc.
  • Taxonomies

There is also an option to protect the child properties only if the child has been modified.

Comparison of attachment-related plugins

Feature Basic Duplicate Attachments Protect Child Properties Update Attachments
Keeps existing attachments1 Choice No Choice
Thumbnail regeneration speed2 Slow Fast Slow Slow
Updates existing files in place No No No

1 If several posts share the same attachment and it is deleted before broadcasting, the attachment ID will not match that of the newly-copied attachment. Otherwise the automatic deletion of attachments before broadcast is not a problem.

2 Regeneration occurs when an image attachment is copied to the child blog for the first time.



Only if child is modified

This checkbox will prevent the child from being overwritten / updated if it has been locally modified on the child blog. The function can be used for:

  • on blogs that don’t have an active editor, the child posts are updated when the parent post updates
  • on blogs that have an active editor that edits broadcasted posts, the locally edited post is protected

This functionality works best when the post supports revisions and there is more than one revision stored on the child. If you do not have revisions enabled, then add the following to your wpconfig file to enable the functionality using custom fields stored in the post.




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  1. Would it be easy enough to add additional options to this using a snippet? For example, to protect product attributes?
    1. If your webdev likes programming in PHP, I can tell him how to write the code for new protections. Have him e-mail me and I’ll give him something to keep him busy. :)

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