Update Attachments

The Update Attachments plugin:

  • Prevents existing attachments from being automatically deleted when updating a broadcasted post
  • Updates existing attachments and their thumbnails in place

This plugin makes the most sense when attachment files have been changed on disk (perhaps directly via FTP?) and the changes need to be broadcasted out to the child blogs, but without resorting to deleting the current attachments due to attachment sharing.

Comparison of attachment-related plugins

Feature Basic Duplicate Attachments Protect Child Properties Update Attachments
Keeps existing attachments1 Choice No Choice
Thumbnail regeneration speed2 Slow Fast Slow Slow
Updates existing files in place No No No

1 If several posts share the same attachment and it is deleted before broadcasting, the attachment ID will not match that of the newly-copied attachment. Otherwise the automatic deletion of attachments before broadcast is not a problem.

2 Regeneration occurs when an image attachment is copied to the child blog for the first time.


The plugin will only update existing attachments, and therefore has no effect on new attachments.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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