Back To Parent

Updates the parent post with the new child content.

Not all Broadcast add-ons are compatible with parent updating. The queue, for example, will not function at all and neither will any plugins that normally require clicks in the broadcast meta box.



There is a small snippet showing you how to use Javascript to select the checkbox automatically.

Another snippet calls Back To Parent programmatically when a Toolset form post is edited.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hi,
    How to enable ‘Update parent post” checkbox in my child blog.I needs to update post content from child blog and vice versa.
    Please help me.
    1. It should be enough that (1) the post is a child post and (2) the back to parent add-on is enabled. The box should appear automatically.

  2. The ‘Back to Parent’ plugins is not exists so how to download this plugins from somewhere.
    Is there paid or free.?
    If paid,how much?
    1. The plugin is part of the premium and control packs. See the “add-ons” menu item.

  3. Hi,

    When I change the status of a child post from publish to draft, the parent post is also updated all good.
    Same for draft to pending, the parent is well updated.

    But when I put the child post in the trash, the parent post stays untouched and published, is it a bug ?

    Is there any way to link the Move to Trash action to the parent post ?

    Thanx you and great job I love your plugin !

    1. It is normal behavior for the child to not affect the parent when trashing. I suppose this can be modified, but it would have to be a snippet that you enable yourself, if that works for you?

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