The Comments plugin will broadcast plugins to the child blogs and, optionally, keep the comments of selected linked posts in sync with each other. The one-time sync is from the parent post to the children.


Syncing is done on a per-post basis. The direction is either from the parent to the children, or bidirectional. A sync is executed automatically when a comment is:

  • added
  • edited
  • modified (approved, spammed, unapproved, etc)
  • trashed
  • untrashed

To enable automatic syncing, edit the post and chose the direction which you want the comments to sync: either only from the parent post to the children, or bidirectional.



Existing comments on target posts are deleted, not merged.

Syncing is done by deleting all of the comments for the target post and then copying over the comments from the source post. Deleting the comments is necessary because there is no way of knowing which comments from the source post are related to which comments on the target post.

This plugin does not work fully with the User & Blog Settings plugin: if you hide the meta box Comments will not be able to detect the sync settings. A solution is to leave the meta box visible, but force the comment options.

WooCommerce users can use this add-on to sync reviews between products, since reviews are just normal WordPress comments with some extra metadata. Add the product custom post type to your Broadcast custom post type settings in order to get the Broadcast meta box to appear (if you don’t have the Broadcast WooCommerce add-on).

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