Attachment Control

This add-on for Broadcast allows for better control of how attachments are handled during broadcasting.

Normally, when a post is broadcasted, all attachments that are directly attached or found to be related to the post – for example by the ACF add-on – are copied to each child blog.

This add-on will prevent that behavior by giving the user options for handling attachments:

  • Default behavior does exactly what it says.
  • Skip all attachments will forget all attachments related to the post.
  • Skip all except featured image will forget all attachments except for the featured image.



Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hi,

    Can we select “Skip all attachments” as the default?

    We have purchased the Premium pack and do not want to broadcast the ACF gallery images to sub site on a multistite setup.

  2. I had the same need as Dipesh, and added this to my admin document ready js…
    //always select skip all on attachment broadcast control so they dont get duplicated
    jQuery( “#plainview_sdk_broadcast_form2_inputs_select_ac_general option[value=’skip_all’]” ).attr(‘selected’,’selected’);

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