Parent Pull

List of pullable posts

This add-on for Broadcast allows content to be pulled from (parent) blogs.

After setting up various pull setups, which specify which blogs are allowed to pull from which blogs, the authors on child blogs can selectively pull content from the parent blogs.

Pulled content is broadcasted and linked.

Pull setups

The add-on supports several pull setups, each specify

  • on which blogs
  • what post types the user is allowed to pull
  • from which blogs

Most admins will need only one pull setup: all blogs, pulling posts and pages from one source blog.

Marking pullable posts

After finishing a pull setup, you need to mark posts as pullable. This can be done by editing each post, or using a bulk post action.

Pullable post

After posts have been marked, they are now pullable by visiting a target blog’s Admin > Broadcast > Parent Pull menu.

Here the user is presented with a list of blogs and post that are pullable which have not already been pulled (=broadcasted and linked).


  1. hello,
    it would be really nice if the list of pullable posts could be sorted by date or other variables, instead of alphabetically.

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