Search And Replace

Replacing content

This add-on for Broadcast find and replaces texts in posts during broadcast.

Several terms can be created, each containing a string to search for, and the string that will be used as the replacement.

The terms can be selectively applied to include or exclude blogs.




The search for string can be a normal string or a regular expression. Start the regexp with a forward slash, in that case.

Both strings can use normal WordPress shortcodes in them.

Both strings offer various keywords (see screenshots) that are automatically replaced during broadcasting. The keywords in the search for string are replaced with values from the parent blog. The keywords in the replace with string are replaced with values from each child blog.

The content that is replaced is the post content and whatever else is parsed by other add-ons. For example ACF Text and WYSIWYG fields.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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