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This add-on for Broadcast detects and modifies post IDs in Gutenberg blocks.

The add-on is similar to the Gutenberg Attachments add-on.

This add-on has a wizard for:

  • Reusable Blocks


  1. Hi there, we have a custom WP site and we tried to use the free version of the plugin and it copies over everything except for some of the media items such as images. The issue is the images are either renamed or the secondary instances are using the primary ID?  So, the images in some cases don’t display; do you know if purchasing the add-ons will help to fix these issues?
    1. Generally, there are add-ons to handle all kinds of images referred to in various places.

      If you want a definitive answer for your use case, go ahead and email me a debug dump of the post and I’ll tell you which add-ons are needed.

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