Debug mode

If you ever require support regarding problems with Broadcast or any of the add-ons, you will probably be asked to enable Broadcast debug mode to provide a debug dump.

The best dump is one of the post in question to just one blog – in order to minimize what needs to be read.

Text explanation

  • Click on the Broadcast menu item
  • Click on the debugging tab
  • Enable debug mode
  • Enable file mode
  • Note down the debug file URL
  • Save
  • Broadcast the post that is causing problems
  • Send the debug file URL to the developer to look through.

Please only broadcast the post to one blog, if that is enough to present the problem, else it will take longer to look at the larger dump.

Screenshot explanation

The first screenshot is the broadcast menu item.

The screenshot image shows how to enable Broadcast debug to file mode, and where to find the distributable link to the debug dump file. After broadcasting the post in question, send the debug file URL to the developer.

Video explanation