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Uses the modifications from the UBS plugin to broadcast posts with one click. After having created a modification using the UBS plugin, it will be available in a dropdown box on the post overview.

After selecting the modification the post will be broadcasted according to the modification settings. Whatever the modification does to the broadcast meta box will be done to the selected post(s) automatically with just one click.

Usage example: Broadcast a post to the blog “Child Blog 2”.

  1. Enable the UBS and UBS Post plugins
  2. Visit the Broadcast > UBS menu
  3. Create a modification
  4. Edit the modification
  5. Find the selectbox: Child Blog 2
  6. Select “On”
  7. Save
  8. Go back to the UBS menu
  9. The modification applies to all users, all roles on all blogs. This is not what we want. We do not want the modification to apply to anyone automatically.
  10. Edit the modification criteria
  11. Make it apply to subscribers (since they cannot edit posts). This is a harmless criteria that will affect nobody.
  12. Save
  13. Go to the posts overview
  14. Select a post
  15. In the UBS Post dropdown, select the modification
  16. The modification will be broadcasted invisibly and the page reloaded.


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