Shortcode Menus

The add-on will modify the IDs of menus found in admin-defined shortcodes to the corresponding ID on each child post.

The menus must already exist on each child and have the same name in order to be correctly identified. Perhaps the menus add-on can help copy menus?

Several shortcodes can be created and a wizard can help you set up the most common ID-dependant shortcodes.



This add-on is related to the Shortcode Attachments and Shortcode Terms add-ons.

Single or double quotes as shortcode attributes?

“Double”. The plugin uses the internal WordPress shortcode finding function, which finds attributes in double quotes, like this: [shortcode attribute="12"]. If you find that your attachments are not being correctly Broadcast, and the debug dump reports that the numeric attribute is not numeric, it’s probably single quotes being a problem. Change them to double and try again.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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