Shortcode Attachments

This add-on for Broadcast will modify the IDs of attachments found in admin-defined shortcodes to the corresponding ID on each child post.

Several shortcodes can be created and a wizard can help you set up the most common ID-dependant shortcodes.




This add-on is related to the Shortcode Menus, Shortcode Posts and Shortcode Terms add-ons.

If you’ve previously used the obsolete Attachment Shortcodes add-on you’ll find all your shortcode settings will already exist in this new add-on.

Single or double quotes as shortcode attributes?

“Double”. The plugin uses the internal WordPress shortcode finding function, which finds attributes in double quotes, like this: [shortcode attribute="12"]. If you find that your attachments are not being correctly broadcast, and the debug dump reports that the numeric attribute is not numeric, it’s probably single quotes being a problem. Change them to double and try again.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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