Utilities pack changelog

50.11 20240706

Copy options: Add tab to copy custom CSS between sites.

50.07 20240209

Bulk Cloner: When changing the admin_email, force it to change without a confirmation e-mail.

50.05 20231007

Duplicate Post: Correctly duplicate serialized meta values.

50.04 20230818

User Role Sync: Don't sync One User Avatar images if there aren't any.
Widgets: Add broadcast action for custom code.
Widgets: Allow ACF fields to be parsed for widgets.

50.03 20230722

Shortcodes: Also copy / update the contents of the shortcode when broadcasting the local shortcode.
Widgets: Allow the ACF add-on to parse ACF fields beloning to widgets.

50 20230407

Bulk Cloner: Add clone_these_tables to allow developers to add or remove tables to be cloned.

49.06 20230303

Bulk Cloner: Fix for sites that don't have site #1 as the main network site ( BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE ).

49.04 20230127

Widgets: Add option to add widgets to sidebars when broadcasting widgets. They can also be updated without adding.

49.01 20221225

Menus: Fix missing parent URL when converting to custom URLs.

48.14 20221008

Menus: Ignore the Broadcast "use parent permalink" setting when updating the URLs for links child post menu items.
Sync Taxonomies: Added a term cleanup tool.

48.09 20220418

Bulk Cloner: Add support for partial export of spreadsheets for sites with more than 100 sites. This allows for sites of almost unlimited size.

48.01 20211105

New add-on: Code Snippets: Run code snippets on specific blogs.
New add-on: Cron Everywhere: Runs WordPress cron periodically on all sites of the network.

47.13 20211007

Copy options: Translate the page_on_front option when copying the reading *_on_front options.
PHP Code: Parse errors are displayed when running the code.

47.12 20210923

Bulk Cloner: Force better selection of database tables to be cloned. This should prevent _60_ _61_ etc from being cloned when only _6_ is going to be cloned.

47.09 20210706

Bulk Cloner: Allow setting of blog archived / deleted / mature / spam status.

47.07 20210513

New add-on: Custom Field Cleanup: Cleans up the custom fields of a post.

Menus: Fix fatal error if menu icons plugin is not active.
User Role Sync: Allow syncing of roles and users separately.

47.01 20210210

Bulk Cloner: Fix copying of site files.

46.19 20210127

Bulk Cloner: Do not copy the files in the sites directory when cloning blog 1.

46.18 20201229

Bulk Cloner: Add support for later linking using the queue add-on, which allows for big clones.

46.09 2020708

Menus: Allow custom menu items to be manipulated.
Page Content Shortcode: Better searching for content. Ignore nav_menu_items.

46.08 2020608

Menus: Replacing the URL will not convert the items to custom items.

46.06 20200429

Bulk Cloner: Options modifications can now handle options with dashes in them. Please double check any existing modifications you have.
Menus: When creating a menu item during manipulation, if the parent menu item is not a post but a custom link, try to find the equivalent custom link.

46.04 20200323

Bulk Cloner: Added ability to clone to a specific blog ID if the ID is free. Specify the ID in the blog_id column.
Copy options: Add function to call the add-on programmatically. See this snippet.

46.02 20200212

Shortcodes: Add setting (and filter: broadcast_shortcodes_access) to allow non-superadmin users to access the shortcodes.

46.01 20200116

Bulk Cloner: Added ability to modify options during cloning with new option modifications function.

45.01 20190828

Shortcodes: Remove extra slashes from the shortcodes.

44.04 20190621

Manual Post Actions: Fix warning when "Find Some Unlinked Children" or "Send To Many" add-ons active.

44.03 20190515

Bulk Cloner: Link only post types that we know about, ignoring attachments and menu items.

44.01 20190415

CDN Workaround: Added option to locally download remote files, in order to upload them on each blog.

43.17 20190402

Bulk Cloner: Fix cloning. Some WP version introduced a bug that preventing the complete cloning of blog options.
Bulk Cloner: Force new siteurl and home options for clones, to fix weirdness with some installs that create dupes in the url.
New add-on. Manual Post Actions: Manually run bulk post actions on posts.
User Role Sync: Create role is it doesn't exist on the child blog.
User Role Sync: Also sync data for Ultimate Member custom roles.

43.14 20190102

Bulk Cloner: Automatic parsing of serialized options that contain the old blog URL. Can fix widgets that contain links to the source blog.
Widgets: Add more debug info.

43.7 20180724

Bulk Cloner: Fix fatal error during activation when only the utilities pack is installed.
Menus: Also copy menu item custom fields, which adds support for some UberMenu types: section and custom content.
PHP Code: Modify Gravity Forms Rename example to use new GF table prefix (gf_).

43.5 20180530

Bulk Cloner: Fix: When cloning already linked posts, their parent post will link to the newly-cloned site.
CDN Workaround: Fix: Override broken filename with Cloudinary URL if found in the filename.
New add-on: Copy options: Copies blog options / settings between blogs.

43.4 20180506

Shortcodes: Fix duplicating shortcodes when broadcasting them and some of them already exist.

43.2 20180403

New add-on. Sitemaps: Generates network-aware sitemaps and robots.txt.

43 20180226

New add-on. Bulk Cloner: Create clones of existing blogs on the network.
PHP Code: Added a Wizard for renaming Gravity Forms.

42.2 20171213

Menus: Added cleanup tools.

42 20171130

New add-on. Media Cleanup: cleans up unused media by looking for unused items in the database and on disk.

41 20171030

New add-on. Shortcodes provides arbitrary admin-defined global or local shortcodes.

40.1 20171004

New add-on. Widgets copies widget and sidebar settings between blogs.

40 20170922

PHP Code: Developer update. Dynamic loading of wizards and added actions to run the code programatically.

39.1 20170903

Menus: Disable time limit during menu copying.

39 20170802

User Role Sync: Allow selection of roles and specific users when syncing.

38.3 20170523

User Role Sync: New addon. Copy user roles between blogs.

38.2 20170428

Page Content Shortcode: New addon. Provides a [bc_page_content slug="pageslug"] shortcode to display the contents of a page.

38 20170406

Finally dropped the "ThreeWP" prefix from the plugin name! The code remains the same, just the name has become simpler: Broadcast...

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

37 20170316

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

36 20170303

PHP Code: Added "show blog language" wizard.

35.1 20161220

Menus: Added item manipulation function.

35 20161206

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

34.3 20161027

Lock Post: Added global lock override roles, to allow specific roles to ignore lock status of posts.
Lock Post: Added filterable action to allow developers to override post locking.
Menus: Integrate blog selection with Blog Groups 2 add-on.

34 20160925

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

33 20160817

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

32 20160715

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

31 20160705

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

30 20160606

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

29 20160405

Version bump to keep up with Broadcast v29.

All packs now have RedHat / CentOS SSL workaround for updates automatically enabled.

28 20160118

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

27 20151124

CDN Workaround: Plugin added.
PHP Code: Plugin added.

26 20151102

Initial version.