Page Content Shortcode

The add-on provides a shortcode that displays the content of a page, referenced by the page slug.

A possible use case would be if you want offers or affiliate information to be displayed in a text widget on each blog, and need the information updated centrally. In that case, here is how one could use this add-on:

  1. Create a page, title “Affiliate information” for example.
  2. Broadcast the page.
  3. Note down the slug of the page. In this case, it will probably be affiliate-information.
  4. Since widgets cannot be broadcasted, you’ll have to manually create a text widget on each blog.
  5. Put the following text in the widget: [bc_page_content slug="affiliate-information"]
  6. Done!

The shortcode will then find the post with this exact slug and show its content. If you ever need the affiliate information changed on all blogs, just update the parent post.

To future-proof, why not link the bc_page_content in the widget to a page that in turn contains several more bc_page_content shortcodes, so that you can put several times of information in the same widget?



The add-on automatically activates shortcode processing in normal text widgets.

Where to buy

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  1. This is a really cool feature! One more thing I can keep updated on child sites. Glad I noticed this!

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