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This add-on for Broadcast provides network-aware sitemaps for your WordPress network.

After add-on activation the network admin should visit the sitemaps settings and select which blogs are to be announced in the robots.txt file, which is where crawlers look to see which blogs are available in the network. The robots.txt points to the virtual sitemapindex.xml file that in turn points to all of the sitemaps you’ve set up.

The sitemaps are dynamically generated and cached for one hour at a time. Resaving the settings will clear the sitemap cache for the current blog. For a post to be visible in the sitemap the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • the post type must be one that the add-on is configured to process
  • the post must be published
  • the post may not have a password

The output of the sitemap (frequency and priority settings, etc) can be configured using a code snippet found in the notes.



A blog’s sitemap is always available at blogaddress/sitemap.xml, even though the site might not selected in the settings.

The add-on works with subdomains or subdirectories.

There is a snippet that shows how to modify the sitemap.

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This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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