CDN Workaround

The plugin works by overriding the file path of attachments that don’t exist on disk with their URL.

Signs you need the plugin:

  • The debug dump complains of files not existing
  • The attachment files do not exist on disk
  • The attachments are reachable if you visit their URL

Enabling the plugin will, when it is time to broadcast, check if the attachment that is about to be copied exists on disk. If the file can not be found, the file path is replaced with the URL and Broadcast can then assume that the file exists on a CDN.

Users report the following CDNs require this workaround:

  • Cloudinary v1.1.5



The plugin will override the file path only during broadcasting and only for those files that do not exist on disk. Files that exist on disk are left untouched.

This plugin is not normally needed if you have a CDN. The plugin exists due to at least one web host offering a CDN service without simultaneously modifying the file paths of the attachments that have been moved to the CDN servers.

If you use the WP Offload S3 Lite plugin it is enough to enable the setting that deletes uploaded files from disk – you don’t need this add-on. Deleting the file from disk will make broadcast directly copy all attachment data, including the S3 offload custom field, which is enough for the plugin to redirect to the CDN.

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