Sync Taxonomies

This add-on for Broadcast allows the admin to manually sync taxonomy data between blogs. The add-on consists of two parts: a sync and a recorder.

Sync is an all-or-nothing tool that will copy all taxonomy terms found. If you need to copy all of a taxonomy’s terms to other blogs, use this.

Recorder is a more selective tool that only syncs changes that you’ve made during a recording. If you need to create 10 new terms and delete 100 others, use this.


Choose any taxonomies on a source blog and have them copied over to target blog(s). Taxonomies are created, updated but not deleted.

If the Event Organiser plugin is enabled event venues can also be synchronized.


The taxonomy recorder will record changes to a specific taxonomy (categories, tags, etc), after which you can apply the changes to other blogs. Changes that are recorded:

  • creation of new terms
  • deleting of terms
  • modifying existing terms: name, slug, description and even the parent term

How to use the recorder:

  1. Create a new recording
  2. Edit the recording and choose the taxonomy to monitor
  3. Start the recording
  4. Make your changes to the taxonomy
  5. Stop recording
  6. Replay the recording on one or more blogs

Term Cleanup

The add-on has a tool that can clean up terms, depending on how often they are used.

Term Cleanup tab

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