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This add-on to Broadcast allows more complicated products and other WooCommerce features to be correctly broadcasted between blogs.

The basic Broadcast plugin supports WooCommerce product sharing just by adding the product custom type to the settings. That in itself should be enough to create a white label product list, but this add-on might offer some more broadcasting options that could be useful:

The add-on will automatically detect and modify [ add_to_cart ] shortcodes.

The add-on can copy the WooCommerce settings between blogs (see notes and screenshots below).

If you would like your PDF Vouchers to be automatically synced between all linked products, see the extras/woocommerce directory. Copy the sync plugin to your WordPress plugins directory and activate it network-wide. The reason the plugin is separate is because not everyone needs automatic syncing.



Copy settings

This tool will copy all of the WooCommerce settings from the current blog to any selected blogs. The settings on the child blog are overwritten.

Amongst other things, the following settings are copied:

  • Basic settings (all database options that begin with woocommerce_, wp_wc_)
  • German market settings
  • Shipping zone data


Coupons can be broadcasted. When a broadcasted coupon is used during checkout, its amount and usage cound will automatically be synced to all linked coupons (parent and siblings).

Order sync

Syncing of orders created on the product’s parent blog can be synced to the product’s child blogs. Syncing orders made on a product’s child blog can be synced back to the product’s parent blog using the Back To Parent add-on.. If a visitor orders a broadcasted product, the order is copied over to each linked blog.

Changing the status of broadcasted orders is currently only supported using the bulk actions dropdown and the tickbox. Changing the status by editing the order is not currently supported, although will be in the future as soon as more reports come in.

Price: Prevent child changes

If you want to change the prices on your child products, and want to protect the price when broadcasting,

visit Admin > Broadcast > Settings tab > Custom fields subtab

And add the following lines to your custom field protect list:


Reviews sync

If you enable the Comments Broadcast add-on your the syncing of your reviews can be set up like the comment sync of any normal post type.

Stock sync

This option will keep the stock of all broadcasted products in sync with each other.

Variations per queue

Do your products have so many variations, with so many images, that your broadcasts are failing / timing out even though you’re using the queue? Use this setting to divide the variation broadcasting of each product into several pieces so the broadcast doesn’t take too long. The setting controls how many variations of a product are broadcasted per queue process occasion.

Try 5 variations per queue to start off with, since that shouldn’t take longer than PHP’s default time limit of 30 seconds. How many variations you have time for per queue depends how complicated the variations are. You can use debug mode and manual queue processing to see if Broadcast has time to finish before running out of time.

So if you have a product with 100 variations, using a value of 5 variations per queue, it will take 20 queue processes (100 / 5) to completely broadcast the complete product with variations.

This setting only works with the queue enabled.

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager

In order for the tab information to be preserved, broadcast the tabs themselves before broadcasting your products. To broadcast a tab, you must edit the tab, where you will be shown the normal Broadcast meta box.

Where to buy

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  1. Hello,

    I have purchased the Woocommerce add-on. One major problem that we’re encountering is that it’s not broadcasting the product gallery, just the featured image. Your product descriptions states that it broadcasts gallery images. Please assist, this urgent for us.

    Thank you

    1. Since version 3 WooCommerce the add-on now handles the gallery by itself. No more need for the Custom Field Attachments add-on.

  2. Report from a user regarding the variations per queue setting: “Just to keep you updated. I experimented a bit with variations number so that it does not cause timeouts (I set 30 in the end), set up the cron job and after a while the queue is empty. So this works well on my end.”

  3. I have imported 63 products into woocommerce and I would like to broadcast all to one of my mulitsites. Is there a way to bulk broadcast, or do i have to go into each product and select the site?
    1. There are two add-ons used for bulk broadcasting: The Send To Many and Queue add-ons.

      This should simplify mass broadcasting to just a few clicks and a cup of coffee.

  4. Hi

    I tried to create a woocommerce category with image in it, but when I created product with that category, then I broadcast to my child site, category’s image was not broadcasted to my child site, product post and category were brodcasted but not with category’s image, should I buy woocommerce pack/addon broadcast, or there is something i should set

    1. Look in the list above and you’ll find the answer to your question: “category images”

    1. I cannot say; I haven’t heard anyone broadcasting subscriptions, nor anyone complaining that it doesn’t work.

      At any rate, standard behavior for someone telling me that something doesn’t work is usually a few broadcast debug texts sent to me and then I add support for the new feature to the add-on in question. :)

  5. Is it possible to broadcast a product to one sub-blog multiple times?

    For example: I have a blank t-shirt on my master blog [Product 1]. I can broadcast it to my sub-blog and update the images with different artwork there, which is perfect. However I have 5 more t-shirts on the sub-blog, each would use [Product 1] from the master blog. Can I broadcast [Product 1] multiple times to the same sub-blog to keep them all linked to the master?


    1. Unfortunately there can only be 1 child per site, but this does sound like it should be solvable via some custom code. Feel free to e-mail me with some more details about how your web shop works (and what needs to be shared between the products) and perhaps we can figure something out.

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