The plugin enqueues posts and processes them in the background, which prevents WordPress and PHP time limits.

Automatic processing is done via AJAX when the user is viewing the post in the editor or in the post overview.

The queue can also be processed via a cron job, see the HTTP processing settings. You can disable AJAX queue processing and just use the cron URL.



What is the limit?

Queue has been tested with a post broadcast to over 3500 blogs. It took a while (it was left overnight) but it got done.

Also tested with two posts queued to the same amount of blogs: 7000 queued posts.

Why is the queue not being filled?

Perhaps you have selected too many blogs for PHP to handle. See the PHP max_input_vars setting.

Why is the queue not being processed properly?

If you find a post is not disappearing from the queue after being processed, it’s probably due to an error during broadcasting.

In order to find out what the problem is:

  • disable automatic processing of the queue in the settings
  • enable WP_DEBUG
  • enable Broadcast debug mode
  • manually process the item in the queue

You should see a long debug text. An error message should appear at the end, telling you what is wrong.

If you need help deciphering the debug dump, contact Plainview Plugins.




HTTP processing

During a call to the HTTP process URL (preferrably by a cron job) the items in the queue will be processed until either of the following limits are reached:

  • The items per process limit it hit.
  • There is less than 25% of the PHP maximum execution time left.
  • The average time to broadcast an item so far in the process exceeds the PHP execution time left.

If you find that the queue is not processing your very large posts (lots of images that need to be copied, for example) then set the items per process setting to just 1 post.


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