Wholesale with WooCommerce and Broadcast

A product broadcasted to a log of blogs


You have products you wish to sell with WooCommerce.

The products are white label-friendly enough to be sold under different names, to different markets by sharing or syndicating them across stores in a wordpress network.

Optionally, you have a central warehouse.

The normal way would be to set up several WooCommerce stores, add the products to each webshop and, optionally, keep track of all orders on each store.

The Broadcast WooCommerce add-on can help you avoid the manual labor of adding the products to each store and trying to keep all of the products updated.

Broadcast makes product sharing simple

Using Broadcast you can quickly and easily share your products to several stores at once and keep them updated automatically. Here’s how:

Setup your WordPress network

Install WordPress, create a network / multisite, and create one or more blogs where you plan to sell the products.

If you wish to have different domains that are not related to each other by either subdomains or subdirectories of the main domain, use domain mapping to get unique domains per blog.

Setup WooCommerce

Enable WooCommerce on each blog, not network-wide, since each blog requires its own special WooCommerce database tables.

Setup WooCommerce on one of the blogs from which you wish to share your products. If you don’t want to manually setup WooCommerce settings on each blog, and you want the stores to share the same settings, you can then use the copy settings tool in the Broadcast WooCommerce add-on to quickly copy the WC settings between blogs.

Settings copy tool

Add your product(s)

After creating a product, you are ready to begin sharing it.

Broadcast your products

If the product is a simple product, you’re fine using the basic Broadcast plugin. Just add the product custom post type into the Broadcast settings.

If the product has variations, you’ll need the Broadcast WooCommerce add-on.

If the product has an image gallery, the Custom Field Attachments add-on will broadcast over the gallery images.

Products can be broadcasted from any stores in the network to any other stores in the network. You don’t have to use only one source stores for all products either. The restriction being, like other post types, there can only be one child or a parent per product per blog.

Products can be broadcasted freely

That’s it!

You’re now either selling wholesale or selling via several different stores.

But wait! There’s more!

Broadcast is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and offers several options that can make broadcasting and selling your product even easier:

  • Do you have a lot of webshops you wish to broadcast to? Encountering timeout errors when broadcasting? You’ll probably want to use the Broadcast queue add-on to broadcast the products in the background.
  • Do you need to offer different prices on different webshops? Visit the Broadcast custom field settings and enter _price in the protect list. This will prevent the product’s price on the child blogs from being updated when the product is updated and broadcasted.
  • Do you have a central warehouse for your products and need to keep the stock synced on each blog? The Broadcast WooCommerce add-on has a stock sync option.



  1. does your plugin just broadcast to word press site or can it also broadcast to Big Commerce shopping carts
    BTW I’m a Broadcast user

    1. Broadcast can only handle products broadcasted between blogs in a network.

      I’m not familiar with this “Big Commerce” thing you speak of.

  2. I have a downloadable products shop with woocommerce, but i want to make a version in different laguage, it is possible to broadcast the content but modify or change language between sites?

    1. Depends on what you’re using to translate the product, a plugin or just the text description?

  3. Will bookable procts sync work with the WooCommerce addon ? Resources and Person types are not broadcasted with the basic plugin

    1. I’m unfamiliar with bookable products. Is that part of Woocommerce or an add-on?

      It might be sufficient to add the two post types to the Broadcast post type settings.

      E-mail me if you have further questions about bookable products, and we can take it from there. In a “worst”-case scenario, I add support for it to the WC add-on.

    2. The WooCommerce add-on now has support for the Bookings plugin.

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