Efficiency pack changelog

50.07 20240209

Duplicate Attachments: Also copy all other files but with different extensions. This catches webp files.

50.03 20230722

Blog Search: PHP 8.2 compat fix.

50 20230407

Version bump to keep with Broadcast major version 50.

49.02 20230104

Send To Many: Fix send button for new Broadcast SDK version.

49.01 20221225

Bump of major version to match premium pack.

48.11 20220819

New add-on: Blog Search: Search and filter the blog list in the editor meta box.

48.07 20220226

Rebroadcaster: Allow for low priority rebroadcasting so that it works with the queue add-on.
Rebroadcaster: Remember the rebroadcast schedule when using the "Rebroadcast" bulk post action.

48.01 20211105

New add-on: Rebroadcaster: Periodically and automatically rebroadcast specific posts.
Queue: More fixing of featured images not broadcasting when processing via cron with the Publishpress Revisions plugin active.

47.13 20211007

Queue: Fix featured images not broadcasting when processing via cron with the Publishpress Revisions plugin active.

47.08 20210613

New Blog Broadcast: Fix fatal error when broadcasting manually.

47.06 20210412

Queue: Add CLI command: broadcast_queue process

47.05 20210325

Queue: Add option to enable queue locking, which only the largest networks might need. Queue locking is disabled per default.

47.04 20210318

Queue: Fix unlocking of the queue.

47.02 20210216

Queue: Fix posts not being queued.

47.01 20210210

Queue: Add support for queueing post actions, such as linking done after cloning.

46.09 2020708

New Blog Broadcast: Hook into the wp_initialize_site action instead.

46.08 2020608

Queue: Fix warning about AUTH_KEY, by using wp_salt().

46.06 20200429

Blog Groups 2: Fix double creation of groups found in Bulk Cloner spreadsheets.

46.05 20200324

Queue: Fix queue unlocking function.

46.04 20200323

Queue: Apply queue locking during ajax processing, not only during http processing.

46.01 20200116

Queue: Fix retry / attempt counter for partially broadcasted WooCommerce variations. Affects those with products that have more variations than the queue retry limit.

45.06 20191116

Blog Groups 2: Add support for assigning groups in the Bulk Cloner.

45.01 20190828

Queue: Use file locking to prevent cron processing from being run multiple times.

44.04 20190621

Queue: Add broadcast_queue_menu_access filter to allow non-super admins access to the settings.

44.02 20190423

Queue: Fix queue not working due to the upgrade process not upgrading the add-on's tables.

44.01 20190415

Version bump to maintain compatibility with basic Broadcast plugin.

43.17 20190402

Queue: For developers, queue items now have priorities assigned, allowing for faster processing of specific queue item types.

43.12 20181127

Queue: Add broadcast_queue_clean_queue filter to prevent database cleanup.

43.6 20180625

Send To Many: Update to work with fixed Broadcast roles.

43.4 20180506

Queue: Add developer actions for adding and removing items from the queue.

43 20180226

Queue: Fix support for queue on newer MariaDB databases. ROWS is apparently a reserved word.

42.4 20180129

Queue: Fix blog names not showing for queued posts in overview.

42.3 20180115

Queue: Added setting to prevent the queue from being trimmed when rebroadcasting a post that is already in the queue.

42.2 20171213

Queue: Fix race condition fatal error where trying to delete non-existing data.

42 20171130

Queue: Please test your queue after updating. If it doesn't work, deactivate and reactivate the add-on.
Queue: Trim off existing queued items when requeuing posts. This stops the post from being doubly broadcasted, the first time unnecessarily.

41 20171030

Queue: Try to avoid packet size errors by compressing the data stored in the database.

40 20170922

Queue: Show an error if the queue fails to add the original data item.

39 20170802

Version bump to maintain compatibility with basic Broadcast plugin.

38.1 20170410

New Blog Broadcast: Fix fatal error when editing a broadcast. This appeared when the code was converted to using the new Wordpress translation functions.

38 20170406

Finally dropped the "ThreeWP" prefix from the plugin name! The code remains the same, just the name has become simpler: Broadcast...

Rebroadcast: Allow posts to be queued when rebroadcasting.

37.2 20170326

Queue: Add option to disable HTTP processing, so that you don't have to disable the cron line.

37.1 20170322

Find Some Unlinked Children: Add menu option to ignore post status when finding unlinked children.

37 20170316

Queue: Fix items per process setting not being saved.

36.2 20170307

Queue: Added maximum queue items per process setting that defines how many items to process during a HTTP process event. Also added smarter queue handling that now takes the following into account: the previously mentioned items per process event setting, the PHP time limit and how long, on average, each queue item takes to process. The processing rules are detailed on the queue add-on's page.

36 20170303

Find Some Unlinked Children: Like the normal Find Unlinked Children bulk action, find children that have the same status.

35.7 20170127

Duplicate Attachments: Fix setting of attached filename on some hosts, which caused problems with returning of the image filename on disk (especially with Update Attachments).

35.6 20170117

Queue: Fix fatal error after HTTP process call. The error is harmless but results in an unnecessary entry in the webserver error log.

35.5 20170113

Queue: Only process one item at a time. This is because some posts are really, really large and can cause timeouts getting caught just above the 25% time limit. Safer to not try to guess how long a post will take to broadcast.

35.3 20170106

Queue: Only clean the queue 1 in 10 times. This alleviates problems with slow SQL servers.

35 20161206

Queue: Added support for partial broadcasts. Currently only the WooCommerce add-on uses this functionality.

34.4 20161107

New Blog Broadcast: Also listen to gform_site_created actions sent from Gravity Forms to detect when a new blog has been created.

34.2 20161006

Queue: Optimize tables after cleaning to reduce fragmentation.

34 20160925

Duplicate Attachments: Force renaming of attachment post_names to coincide with the attachment fix in the base version of Broadcast. This fixes the attachment duplication bug/feature in Wordpress.
New Blog Broadcast: Allow queuing of posts.

33 20160817

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

32 20160715

Queue: Obey broadcasting_data->high_priority property from BC v32. This will solve problems with complicated broadcasts that subbroadcast things (like ACF post relations and Download Monitor shortcodes).
Queue: Fix allowing normal users to ajax process posts on the post overview screen.

31 20160705

Queue: Assume a max execution time of 30s when a max time of -1 is encountered. Workaround for bug in wpallexport pro.

30 20160606

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

29 20160405

Queue: During broadcasting, don't queue any broadcast requests, to prevent some add-ons from not being able to receive new post numbers during broadcast.

All packs now have RedHat / CentOS SSL workaround for updates automatically enabled.

28.3 20160314

Rebroadcast: Plugin added. Rebroadcast / update selected parent posts by using a bulk action.

28 20160118

Version bump to maintain compatibility with base Broadcast plugin.

27 20151124

Blog Groups 2: Add method for other plugins to quickly select blogs from blog select inputs.

26 20151102

Initial version.