New Blog Broadcast

Automatically broadcast posts / pages / products, from one or more blogs as the source, when creating a new blog. The add-on can also be used to manually broadcast posts to selected blogs.

Use the add-on to create a broadcast: criteria that decide which posts are to be broadcasted. After selecting one or more source blogs, you can then choose:

  • post ID numbers
  • custom post types (including posts and pages)
  • taxonomy terms that the posts have to have in order to be selected for broadcasting

The criteria are cumulative, meaning that the possible posts must fulfill all criteria: select all posts that have these selected post IDs and are of these post types and have these taxonomy terms assigned. If you wish to broadcast posts with post terms and pages with other terms, then create several broadcasts.

After creating and setting up the broadcast, you can use the test bulk action to see which posts will be broadcasted when the broadcast is triggered.

You can also manually trigger a broadcast by using the manual broadcast tab. This will execute a broadcast and copy the posts to the selected blogs.



Both Broadcast and the add-on pack must be network-enabled in order for this add-on to work correctly.

The add-on will try to first update existing, linked posts, before creating new linked posts.

Usage together with the Queue plugin is recommended if there are many posts to be broadcasted.

Broadcasting manually will ignore the enabled / disabled status of the broadcast.

Where to buy

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  1. Is there any way to make this WPML compatible and allow setting a broadcast for selected languages only?

    1. It almost sounds like a code snippet would be better suited in this case, rather than expanding NBB immensely with a lot of code. I’ll contact you via e-mail for details on what you need.

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