Find Some Unlinked Children

The plugin is similar to the Find unlinked children bulk post action, but allows children to be selectively linked.

To use the plugin, select one post in the post overview. If you select several posts only the first will be used.

Select the Find some unlinked children bulk action and wait for the popup to appear. The time taken depends on how many blogs are in the network. When the popup is fully loaded you will see a list of blogs that contain a post with the exact same slug as the post you have selected.

Chose what to do with each unlinked child and then press the button. The selected posts will be linked and the page will reload.




This add-on is related to Link Before Broadcast, that attempts to link to unlinked children automatically during broadcasting.

The bulk action, in spite of the name, only works on the first selected post.

Only blogs you are a user of are searched for orphans. If you want to search all blogs, use one of the All Blogs plugin.

An orphaned post is a post of the same post type, exact same slug and, optionally, same post status as the parent.

Only unlinked posts are displayed. If a post with the same slug is linked to another parent, it will be ignored.

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  1. Hi

    We are building a multi site with 50 sub sites which all have basically the same content, as I understand it broadcast will allow us to update common pages and blogs from one location. We have tested this in a limited way and it seems to work as expected.

    This is great.

    However during our initial build we will be using “MultiSite Clone Duplicator” to clone the master site. We need to link the pages after clone so boradcast knows when we update a page in the base copy all other clones shoud update.

    Reading about Unlinked Children seems to be the solution we are looking for.

    Would it be possible to confirm this for us.

    Kind regards

    1. Broadcast has a cloning add-on also: Bulk Cloner. It has the ability to link posts and pages during the cloning process.

      Otherwise, yeah, finding unlinked children should get you sorted out also. The basic version of Broadcast already has that functionality.

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