Post actions

Post actions are functions can be applied to broadcasted post, both on parents and children. The actions can be applied to single posts and to several posts, in bulk.

Broadcasted column for parent posts

Broadcasted column for parent posts

Note how a child count is displayed after the amount of children of post exceeds the threshold specified in the settings.


Broadcasted column for child posts

Broadcasted column for child posts

The actions


Skips the trash and completely deletes the child post.

Find unlinked

Will try to find posts on all user accessible blogs and links them to this post.

In order for the orphaned post to be found, it must have the exact same slug as the parent and be of the same post type.

Purge Children

This action is provided by the Purge Children Broadcast plugin. All of a child post’s attachments are deleted together with the post itself.


Restores a child post from the trash.

Send To Many

This action is provided by the Send To Many Broadcast plugin. It allows several posts to be broadcasted at once.


Sends a child post to the trash.


Unlinks this post from its parent or child.

The single actions

If the links in the Broadcasted column are clicked, the actions will apply to the single post. A different Javascript dialog will appear depending on whether the clicked post is a parent or a child post.

Clicking on a parent post will allow actions to be selectively applied to child posts.

Parent post actions

Parent post actions

Clicking on a child post will allow the post to be unlinked from the parent.

Child post actions

Child post actions

The bulk actions

Similar to how one can mass edit posts by ticking their checkboxes and choosing the action from the Bulk Action dropdown, Broadcast-related post actions are also available. Javascript is used to add post actions to the bulk action select box and take over the Apply button. Broadcast actions will be handled by Broadcast Javascript, and the other actions are left alone and passed through to WordPress.

Post bulk actions

Post bulk actions

The actions are work as described above, with the difference being that they are applied to all of the selected posts.


  1. Hi there, is there a way to select all my posts and broadcast them to a child site without having to into each post individually?

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