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Yoast SEO banner

Yoast SEO banner

This add-on for Broadcast adds support for the Yoast SEO plugin:

  • OpenGraph / Facebook image and URL custom field
  • syncing of the SEO metadata of taxonomies
  • syncing the primary category of a post




You only need this add-on if you need the SEO metadata of your taxonomies to be synced when broadcasting or when manually syncing taxonomies.

The option to prevent modification of the taxonomy term canonical URL is to prevent the URL from being overwritten on the child blog. This option should not be used unless you know what you’re doing.

To prevent the title or description on a child post from being overwritten during broadcast, use the following field(s) in the Broadcast Custom Field Protect List:

  • _yoast_wpseo_title
  • _yoast_wpseo_metadesc


Tested with

Version 6.3.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:

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