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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for the Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugin.

  • It prevents the “Pod not found” error message when broadcasting post types created or extended by Pods.
  • Image fields in posts are modified on each child blog


The add-on will attempt to automatically broadcast POD data to the child blog, if the equivalent POD is not found.

To update a POD on a child with new fields, delete it from the child blog and rebroadcast a post using the POD data.

Tested with

Version 2.6.10.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hi, does Broadcast work with Pods Advanced Content Types (NOT just Custom Post Types), i.e. content/objects in their own database tables outside the core/default WordPress database tables? I really need this feature. If it is not available, will it be included in the next version of Broadcast? And how soon will that be?

    1. Not currently, no. Nobody has ever asked for that feature. Please e-mail me some more info about your use case and I’ll see about adding support for it (depending on whether broadcasting those things is possible at all).

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