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This add-on for Broadcast adds support for the Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugin.

  • It prevents the “Pod not found” error message when broadcasting post types created or extended by Pods.
  • Image fields
  • Related post fields – and posts automatically broadcasted if they don’t exist on the child blog
  • Taxonomy fields


The add-on will attempt to automatically broadcast POD data to the child blog, if the equivalent POD is not found.

To update a POD on a child with new fields, delete it from the child blog and rebroadcast a post using the POD data.

Tested with

Version 2.7.20.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hi, does Broadcast work with Pods Advanced Content Types (NOT just Custom Post Types), i.e. content/objects in their own database tables outside the core/default WordPress database tables? I really need this feature. If it is not available, will it be included in the next version of Broadcast? And how soon will that be?
    1. Not currently, no. Nobody has ever asked for that feature. Please e-mail me some more info about your use case and I’ll see about adding support for it (depending on whether broadcasting those things is possible at all).

  2. Hi, we’ve used Pods to create some Custom Post Types that include images. We’ve recreated the Pods on the subsite and are able to broadcast the content. The images are copied over to the media folder of the subsite, but are not attached to post on the subsite. Would the Pods add-on resolve this problem, or have we missed something?

    Thanks, other than this issue Broadcast is working well.

    1. Yes, the pods add-on should resolve this problem. And if it doesn’t, I can add support for whatever is missing.

  3. I am broadcasting products inside my multisite network from subsites to the main site with no issues. However – my products are extended with PODS related fields that refer to other PODS custom posts. Is it possible to broadcast those related PODS custom fields so that the link between the product and those custom posts remain alive? I have tried tens of different settings and both 3rd party and control add-ons with no luck.
    1. The best thing to do when you need support is to e-mail me.

      Ideally, include the long broadcast debug text of when you broadcast the post, so I can follow what Broadcast is doing.

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