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Geodirectory banner

Add support for various features from the GeoDirectory WordPress plugin:

  • categories
  • custom fields
  • custom post types
  • events
  • favorites
  • images (featured image and attachments)
  • multiple locations
  • reviews
  • tags
  • taxonomy meta (category icons and default images)



The custom fields on the child blog are first deleted then replaced with all of the custom fields from the parent blog.

The images on the child place are first all deleted and then replaced with the images from the parent place.

If the parent blog is using the location manager plugin and a place is assigned a specific (non-0) location ID, then the child blogs have to have the same location set up, else the place will not be broadcasted. Switching off the location manager plugin will give the place a location ID of 0, and therefore will always be broadcasted to the child – please ensure that the child has the same default location as the parent else the address will be incorrect.

Are your places not being correctly broadcast? Check your [prefix]geodir_gd_place_detail tables: they must be identical in structure else places will not be able to be added. The add-on tries to sync the table structure between blogs, but if it fails the broadcast will not work correctly.

There is a conflict with the GeoDirectory¬†Add location in urls setting if used together with Broadcast’s Use parent permalink setting. Disable GeoDirectories permalink setting for the place links to work between blogs.

Favorites sync

As of GeoDirectory v1.6.24 the user favorites will be able to be synced between broadcasted places. As of the 4th of October, the current GD version is still .23.

Review sync

If you are using the built-in place / event review, and have the Broadcast Comments add-on activated, reviews can be synced between broadcasted places. Reviews are synced in  the same was as comments: as soon as a new comment appears it will be broadcasted over to the other children / parent, overwriting all existing comments / reviews.

If you parent blog has many reviews and the children fewer, begin by adding a new review on the parent which will update all of the children.

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