Avia Layout Builder

This add-on for Broadcast is a compatability plugin for the Avia Layout Builder, which is commonly included in themes from Kriesi.at premium themes.

You will need this plugin if:

  • You use a theme that uses the Avia Layout Builder
  • You use shortcodes in the layout
  • The shortcodes include references to attachments on the current blog
  • You notice that your Attachment Shortcodes settings are not working

Enable the plugin and the Avia content will be automatically run through the Attachment Shortcode plugin in order to parse the shortcodes hidden in the layout builder data.


The plugin works by extracting the custom field <strong>_aviaLayoutBuilderCleanData</strong>, which contains the page content, and then running it through Attachment Shortcodes to allow the plugin to correctly replace the references attachment IDs with their equivalents from each child blog.

Thank you to Francis at <a href=”http://quai13.com”>quai13.com</a> for work on this plugin.

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