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This add-on adds support for three of OnTheGoSystems’ plugins: CRED, Types and Views.


  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite post forms between blogs
  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite user forms between blogs

For Types:

  • automatically broadcast post types that are in a relationship with each other (v2 only)
  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite post types (and their fields) between blogs
  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite taxonomies between blogs

For Views:

  • assign the correct content template on each child blog
  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite Content Templates between blogs
  • manually broadcast / copy / overwrite Views between blogs



If you have somehow cloned a site already containing content templates, post forms, user forms or views, and want those items updated, you’ll probably find that duplicates will be created. This is due to the fact that the existing items are not linked to the items you are broadcasting. To solve the duplication problem, try using the Link Before Broadcast add-on in order to automatically try to create links to the existing items before broadcast.


Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Is there a possibility of also broadcasting the contents of a toolset database?
    For example sending contacts from a contact database to other blogs?

    1. Aren’t contacts just another custom post type? In that case just basic Broadcast should be able to handle it by itself.

      If not, since I’m not 100% familiar with the Toolset plugin, then perhaps you can explain to me where these contacts are stored and then we can figure something out? Perhaps via e-mail? I’ll update this thread after we resolve the situation.

    2. Sorry, if you add the custom post type in the settings everything works fine!
      Didn’t get that at first sight ;-) Thanks!

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