Social Networks Auto Poster (obsolete)

SNAP plugin

SNAP plugin

Makes NextScript’s Social Networks Auto Poster send the child post to the respective social media settings.

Note that this add-on is obsolete due to changes in the plugin and the content of the most recent plugin reviews.


This add-on does several things:

  1. The SNAP settings are reloaded for each blog, so that the parent’s SNAP settings are not used for the children.
  2. The publishing of the child post is delayed (converted to draft and then back to publish) until all images are attached.
  3. Keys are added in the custom field blacklist: snapFB and snapTW, which contain the Facebook and Twitter SNAP settings from the main blog.

If you use something else other than FB or TW, you will probably need to add the keys to the Broadcast custom field blacklist, and then e-mail me the name of the keys so that I can add them to the next version of the SNAP add-on.

Tested with

Version 3.4.7.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hello,
    I’m having a issue where I post to child sites then from the child post to its own FB site. The issue is the information that is shown is the parents URL not the child’s URL.
    Would this solve that?
    1. Are you broadcasting or just writing new posts on the child site?

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