Copy a menu, or several menus, from a source blog to one or more target blogs.

Generally, menu items are all converted to custom (static) URLs that will point to the source blog. There are two options to modify this behaviour: child post ID translation and taxonomy translation.



Child post ID translation

If a menu item on the source blog points to a broadcast post, and the post exists as a child on the target blog, then the menu item URL is modified to point to the child post.

The the broadcasted post has not been broadcasted to the target blog, the menu item is converted to a custom URL pointing to the source blog.


The cleanup tab can be used to delete duplicate items, or invalid items.

Duplicate a menu

If you wish to duplicate a menu, in the menu item manipulation tab: select the item you wish to duplicate, select the same blog you are on and choose the rename action.

Item manipulation

This feature is used when one wants to insert / remove broadcasted menu items from lots of child blogs. The menu item will be broadcasted and its place in the menu, parent and order wise, will be exactly duplicated on each child blog.

Taxonomy translation

Similarly, if a taxonomy (category, tag, etc) on the source blog exists on the target blog, the URL is modified to point to the taxonomy on the target blog.

If no taxonomy with the same slug is available on the child blog, the menu item is converted to a custom URL pointing to the taxonomy on the source blog.


If you are using UberMenu menu segments or dynamic posts, you might want to look at the Broadcast UberMenu add-on.


Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


    1. I am unfamiliar with UberMenus, but if we assume that UM uses normal WordPress menus then it should work fine.

  1. Not working if broadcast needs more than 30 secs (or whatever your default timelimit on that server ist). Please set_time_limit(0) and restore afterwards. Thanks.

    1. Interesting suggestion. I’ll add it in the next version of the add-on.

    1. Could you e-mail me a debug dump of the menu sync so that I can see what Broadcast is doing and what need to be done to replicate and fix it on my end?

  2. Works great!! I have a multisite with 15 blogs and 10 menus/blog. The Menus add-on together with the UberMenu add-on saved me incredibly much time. I could simply copy the Uber menus to the other blogs. Amazing!

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