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Beaver Builder banner

Beaver Builder banner

This add-on for Broadcast adds support for Beaver Builder:

  • automatically update the existing children when the layout is updated
  • components using photo or photos will have their attachments copied and the IDs modified
  • post carousels are automatically modified on each blog
  • post modules are automatically modified on each child blog
  • settings can also be copied to other blogs in the network. See the screenshots below.
  • text fields are parsed so that they are modifyable by other add-ons
  • Themer Layouts (including locations)



The add-on saves you the step of, after saving the layout, going back to the post editor to press the “publish” button in order to get the child posts updated. If you wish to disable this functionality, add the following to your functions.php:


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Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Are customizations to the Beaver Builder Theme able to be broadcast as well?
  2. Hi Edward, I didn’t seem to get your reply. Theme style settings that are applied to the beaver builder theme or child theme in the customizer. My question relates to beaver builder theme settings as opposed to the beaver builder plugin.
    1. Nothing related to the theme itself is broadcasted, just the builder elements in the specific post.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I have purchased the full suite, but need to be able to broadcast theme settings to child sites (theme settings that determine layout, colors, etc.). Please let me know if that’s possible with Beaver Builder, some other theme, etc. Or if it’s possible but would require custom dev.
    1. Also, please note your replies are not getting emailed out, or at least aren’t getting to me.
    2. This shouldn’t be impossible. I’ll see what I can cook up and then get back to you. I have your e-mail address.

  4. Note that when viewing the “Edit” post screen of a Beaver Builder enabled post and clicking the “Launch Page Builder” button it will simply save the post and come back to the “Edit” screen. Beaver Builder hooks into the “redirect_post_location” filter and uses the $_POST super global to determine which post to redirect to and open Page Builder. In order for this to work properly the Broadcast setting under “Settings” > “Miscellaneous” > “Clear POST” must be turned off.
  5. Is this compatible with Beaver Themer Layouts? I create a layout with custom CSS included using Beaver Themer plugin, and I want to know if it fits my need before purchasing.
    1. Not being 100% familiar with Beaver Builder, I’m not sure what you mean by “layouts”. Templates? At any rate, I’m always open to adding support for popular plugins so if I’m missing support for Layouts I can surely add it. For more details, perhaps access to the Broadcast demo site, contact me via e-mail!

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