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Adds support for broadcasting bbPress forums, topics and replies. More specifically, it supports:

  • Forums
  • Nested replies
  • Replies
  • Topics
  • Subscriptions

The subscriptions are automatically synced between linked topics and forums.


The parent forums and topics have to be broadcasted in order for Broadcast to find the equivalent. If they are not broadcasted they cannot be found and the broadcasted topic or reply will be orphaned.

There is a snippet to automatically broadcast new topics.

Tested with

Version 2.5.8.

Where to buy

This add-on is a part of the following packs:


  1. Hi, when this addon is activated, does it syncs in both ways?

    So for example forums, topics etc. are synced from to, if on someone posts a reply, it should be synced to and vise versa, so if on someone also replys on that, this should be synced to

    Does it work that way?

    Because we need a single bbpress forums for 2 sites.

    And also users should be shared.

    So basically we have 2 sites, both are mostly completly different, but the bbpress forums should be the same and internal logins also.

    1. The add-on does not work that way.

      It only ensures that, when broadcasting, the replies are placed underneath the same equivalent topic on each child site.

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