WP All Import: Broadcast after import

This snippet for Broadcast will broadcast an imported post if instructed to do so using a specific custom field.

In the import file, add a column called “broadcast_to”. In that column you can specify blog IDs to which the post should be broadcasted during import.

	@brief		Broadcast an imported post to the blogs specified in the broadcast_to custom field.
	@details	The blogs can be separated by commas or spaces.
	@since		2019-08-09 12:14:15
function bc_pmxi_saved_post( $post_id )
	// Retrieve the broadcast_to meta.
	$broadcast_to = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'broadcast_to', true );
	if ( ! $broadcast_to )
	// Convert all commas to spaces
	$broadcast_to = str_replace( ',', ' ', $broadcast_to );
	// And break out the numbers.
	$blogs = explode( ' ', $broadcast_to );
	// Clean up the array.
	$blogs = array_filter( $blogs );
	// And broadcast!
	->broadcast_children( $post_id, $blogs );
add_action( 'pmxi_saved_post', 'bc_pmxi_saved_post' );